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the modern witchcraft grimoire your complete guide to - the modern witchcraft grimoire your complete guide to creating your own book of shadows skye alexander on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers discover the power of the grimoire a grimoire records your personal journey through the world of magick it s where you record your favorite spells, the temple of shamanic witchcraft shadows spirits and - christopher penczak is an award winning author teacher and healing practitioner he has studied extensively with witches mystics shamans and healers in a variety of traditions from around the world to synthesize his own practice of magick and healing, animals and witchcraft owl controverscial com - animals and witchcraft the witches familiar the owl great horned owl written and compiled by george knowles commonly found in many countries the owl throughout the ages has attracted the fascination and awe of many cults and cultures from them many different and contradictory beliefs have survived to the present day the owl has had many associations with witchcraft medicine the weather, internet book of shadows index internet sacred text archive - this is a large 9mb collection of articles related to neo paganism which can be found archived at a number of ftp sites for instance here this is a collection of posts to bulletin boards from the late eighties to the mid nineties essentially predating the modern internet