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church fathers home new advent - featuring the church fathers catholic encyclopedia summa theologica and more, when the church was young voices of the early fathers - wonderful book for anyone interested in a first look at the church fathers or early christianity d ambrosio does not seek to give full biographies or full catalog of early documents, amazon com the early church fathers 38 vols - a classic resource for the scholar student or minister the thirty eight volume early church fathers including the ante nicene fathers nicene and post nicene fathers first and second series is now available with a new look and an added annotated index of the authors and works bound with volume 10 of the ante nicene fathers and available only in the hendrickson edition, the story of god women in the early church - pamela walford an outstanding in depth article on women ministering the christian church yielded to the influence of the greco roman culture in which it was immersed relinquishing the egalitarianism that had been established by jesus and set the stage for the subjugation and silencing of women that has spanned more than two millennia and continues to detrimentally impact the lives of women today, church fathers and the scriptures peacebyjesus - church fathers on scripture preface the following compilations of quotes below from the ancient writers and commentary which immediately follows it are from the work of jason engwer who is not me but supplied by permission and is offered here for non commercial fair use, emerging church vital information on deception in the - the fallacious arguments of neo universalists by sandy simpson this dvd is a message based on this article the new universalists are not as vocal about their universalism ideas but are far more deadly to the church as they are not rejected like classic universalists were decades ago, early church history 101 fourth century council of - introduction as we approach the fourth century the historic council of nicea in 325 ad looms large on the horizon one of the subject matters i am most commonly asked about is the council of nicea, what did ancient church fathers believe about the rapture - this writings of first century church fathers and their beliefs on the rapture and it will prove that john darby did not invent the rapture, letters to dad victory church - cassidy plourde age 17 father joel lieberman dad i could start this letter out by thanking for you multiple things such as the roof over my head or the food you place on the table but somehow when i sit back and think about how truly thankful i am to have you as my father those things barely scratch the surface, early christian fathers christian classics ethereal library - 43 the letter of the church of rome to the church of corinth commonly called clement s first letter the text the church of god living in exile 15 15 the greek word implies a colony of aliens without full civic rights christians are strangers and pilgrims on earth their true fatherland being heaven, communities voices and insights washington times - after just finishing the revealing book by michael pillsbury the hundred year marathon which outlines in frightening detail the slow but deadly quest of china to dominate the united states, overview of the ifb church independent fundamental - this post gives an overview of the independent fundamental baptist church what they are and what their history is, native history native experiences native voices of - voices of the first nations peoples this venue is created to celebrate the resurgence of the first peoples traditional consciousness and values of natural conservation and attitudes of respect for all of life to which the many tribes subscribed and to debunk the great american mythology including the pejorative stereotyping of first nations people