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amazon com westmoreland the general who lost vietnam - westmoreland is a great book a classic by an author who knows his subject well and tells the story without hesitation general donn a starry u s army ret commander army training and doctrine command 1977 1981, statistics about the vietnam war vhfcn - restraining the military in vietnam in hindsight probably prevented a nuclear war with china or russia the vietnam war was shortly after china got involved in the korean war the time of the cuban missile crisis soviet aggression in eastern europe and the proliferation of nuclear bombs, the withdrawal from khe sanh historynet - by peter brush 6 12 2006 vietnam magazine on may 23 1968 u s marine corps colonel david e lownds was invited to the white house there president lyndon johnson awarded lownds 26th marine regiment the presidential unit citation the nation s highest unit decoration for its bravery at khe sanh in 1968, 1965 in the vietnam war wikipedia - 7 june general westmoreland reported to the joint chiefs of staff that the viet cong were stronger than ever and that arvn was taking heavy casualties and suffering from a high rate of desertions and an unwillingness to take the offensive westmoreland said i see no course of action open to us except to reinforce our efforts in svn south vietnam with additional u s or third country forces, bui tin viet myths conference - how north vietnam won the war bui tin interviewed by stephen young what did the north vietnamese leadership think of the american antiwar movement what was the purpose of the tet offensive, vietnam war timeline major events before during vi t - after the first world war in an attempt to creating an independent vietnam against the french and a nationalist government h ch minh petitions us president woodrow wilson for assistance but is refused, third marine division association vietnam - 1965 when the marines first arrived in vietnam in 1965 their sole purpose was to provide protection to the american air base at danang the official directive was the u s marine force will not repeat will not engage in day to day actions against the viet cong, usmcvta usmc viet nam marine corps viet nam vietnam war - the u s marine corps introduced the m48a3 patton tank and the m51a1 ontos anti tank vehicles to the vietnam war in may of 1965 a war that many including the commander of military assistance command vietnam macv army s gen westmoreland said armor had no place in marine armor proved so effective that the u s army later followed suit, vietnam war time table - the role of vietnam war time table in the history of the united states of america, america s vietnam war in indochina - the role of america s vietnam war in indochina in the history of the united states of america, vietnam war quotes notable quotes - the vietnam war was arguably the most traumatic experience for the united states in the twentieth century that is indeed a grim distinction in a span that included two world wars the assassinations of two presidents and the resignation of another the great depression the cold war racial unrest and the drug and crime waves, what we did current affairs - a note on the photographs o ften photos are just decoration nobody actually looks at them or at least not closely vietnam was a heavily photographed war and has its share of highly recognized images the monk on fire the vietnamese officer shooting the prisoner the naked girl running from her napalmed village the my lai bodies in a drainage ditch