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sherlock holmes london visitlondon com - sherlock holmes london grab your hat and magnifying glass and sleuth your way around sherlock holmes london with our itinerary dedicated to the famous detective in the novels the legendary detective sherlock holmes lived and solved many mysteries in victorian london, sherlock holmes in london free tours by foot - sherlock holmes in london when sherlock holmes came into existence in 1887 few could have predicted the longevity and success in store for the character who would become the world s most famous detective films tv series stories and comic books sherlock is known and loved the world over, sherlock holmes in london where to see sh solosophie - sherlock holmes museum 221b baker st marylebone london nw1 6xe located in the heart of london the sherlock holmes museum is dedicated to all things sherlock watson and hudson the address 221b baker street was only created in 1932 when the abbey bank moved its premises further up the street and street numbers were added to baker street, sherlock holmes museum official site - 221b baker street london england s herlock h olmes and d octor j ohn h w atson the world famous consulting detective sherlock holmes lived at 221b baker street between 1881 1904 according to the stories written by sir arthur conan doyle, a not so elementary guide to sherlock holmes london los - the sherlock holmes pub 10 northhumberland st london 20 7930 2644 victorian style pub does its namesake proud with an interior that is packed with references to the fictional detective, sherlock holmes london arts culture smithsonian - holmes could never have lived anywhere else but london says lycett author of the recent biography the man who created sherlock holmes the life and times of sir arthur conan doyle, sherlock holmes in london a photographic amazon com - sherlock holmes in london charles viney is the co author of three humorous books one was a satire on astrology the bad news zodiac another was an expose of the world of self help having it all, sherlock holmes museum london 2018 all you need to - the place is well equipped with sherlock holmes influenced antiques and the dummies that were there in the top floor were also pretty well done the demonstrators were also well experience and explains well, statue of sherlock holmes london wikipedia - before london received its statue of sherlock holmes examples had already been installed in meiringen in japan and on the site of conan doyle s birthplace in edinburgh in 1927 g k chesterton was the first person to suggest that a statue of holmes be sited in london but his efforts came to nothing, sherlock holmes walking tour of london brit movie tours - sherlock holmes walking tour of london rated 4 7 out of 5 based on 154 feefo user ratings grab your deerstalker as you embark on a sherlock holmes tour of london exploring places featured in the books real sites that inspired arthur conan doyle as well as locations featured in film and tv adaptations of the detective s great adventures