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the pythagorean theorem a 4 000 year history princeton - honorable mention for the 2007 best professional scholarly book in mathematics association of american publishers this excellent biography of the theorem is like a history of thought written in lines and circles moving from ancient clay tablets to einstein s blackboards, hidden harmonies the lives and times of the pythagorean - the authors of the art of the infinite 2003 about mathematical proof here discuss the equation every high school grad should know the famous theorem that relates the sides of a right triangle, pythagorean theorem lesson for kids definition examples - relationships scientists and mathematicians like to study relationships they study how a plant or animal relates to its environment and how numbers relate to nature and music, the pythagorean theorem practice and application video - the pythagorean theorem is one of the most famous geometric theorems written by the greek mathematician pythagoras this theorem makes it possible to find a missing side length of a right triangle, pythagoras theorem by dannytheref teaching resources tes - two ppts looking at pythagoras theorem moving from finding the hypotenuse to one of the shorter sides and then worded problems includes my have i got hypotenuse for you game, 100 hands on activities for middle school and high school - hands on learning is the best kind of learning sadly as kids get older the ideas for hands on projects seem to dwindle that s why compiled this list of 100 hands on activities for middle school and high school students, middle school math worksheets super teacher worksheets - absolute value these worksheets and printable activities will help students to learn about the absolute value of numbers includes identifying values opposite numbers ordering and comparing, uses of pythagoras s theorem in real life scenarios for - you may have heard about pythagoras s theorem or the pythagorean theorem in your math class but how well do you understand it pythagoras s theorem is actually used quite often in real life situations gain a better understanding of the concept with these five examples, principles and standards national council of teachers of - a comprehensive and coherent set of mathematics standards for each and every student from prekindergarten through grade 12 principles and standards is the first set of rigorous college and career readiness standards for the 21st century principles and standards for school mathematics outlines the essential components of a high quality school mathematics program, stem lesson plans hands on activities microsoft education - hacking stem lessons hands on activities build affordable inquiry and project based activities to visualize data across science technology engineering and math stem curriculum middle school standards based lesson plans written by teachers for teachers, middle school lesson plans teachers net - middle school lesson plans browse the entire collection of middle school lesson plans, 25 creative candy math activities that make learning fun - bring smiles to the faces of your elementary and middle school students and teach creative hands on lessons using fun candy math activities that kids love, think curriculum thinking mathematics james tanton - quadratics permutations and combinations exploding dots and more written for educators and their students too this website slowly growing takes all the content tanton has developed in his books videos and workshops and organizes it into short self contained and complete curriculum units proving that mathematics at all points of the school curriculum can be joyous fresh, math homework help answers to math problems hotmath - math homework help hotmath explains math textbook homework problems with step by step math answers for algebra geometry and calculus online tutoring available for math help, high school summer programs - summer sth delivers a rich variety of engaging opportunities directed to developing lifelong learners and champions for life our goal is to provide an experience which sparks curiosity and ignites passion while improving core skills through a wide range of fun yet challenging activities in the classroom on the field on the stage in the computer lab or in the film room